About us

The creative space in the heart of Tula was created in April 2018 on the basis of the same name factory.

A joint project of private investor Mikhail Shelkov and State Corporation «Rostec» is being developed with the active support of Tula region government. Here you can drink delicious coffee, visit an exhibition, concert, master class or lecture, get acquainted with the history of Tula and Russia industry in the Machine Tool Museum.

Here you can find:

  • Master classes, lectures, contemporary art exhibitions;
  • Machine Tool Museum;
  • «Oktava Books»: library, lecture hall and bookstore;
  • Technical Laboratory «Pro. Park» and Higher Technical School;
  • Oktava Lab Recording Studio;
  • Project for teens OKTAVA_YOU;
  • Coworking;
  • Cozy courtyard;
  • Cafe.

Machine Tool Museum

Machine Tool Museum is the first multimedia museum in Russia which is dedicated to the industrial history of all over the world, especially Russia and Tula region.

The Museum allows the guests to look at the industrial history from various points of view: cultural, sociological, the history of art, literature and others. But every story starts from the main object of our museum — from the machine-tool.

We have 3 different tours:

  • «The history of industry»;
  • «Tula is the manufacturer of Russia»;
  • Special tour for children «Inventors and innovators».

Moreover, the exposition includes 8 different machine-tools which were found in different cities of Russia in the museum exposition.