Multimedia tour through the great past and exciting present of Tula city.

The fascinating tour “Tula is the manufacturer of Russia” is dedicated to the identity of the city as the industrial heart of Russia, the search for qualities that on the one hand unite, and on the other distinguish Tula residents from the other cities’ ones.

It shows how the ingenuity and diligence of Tula residents were reflected in the topics “Industry”, “Skill”, “Science”, “Sound”, “Books” and “City”.

Museum guests will learn how Tula became an industrial center; how gingerbread, weapons, samovar and industry are connected; what is Tula cultural DNA and why Tula is the the manufacturer of Russia.

The narrators of the tour are Masha, a modern resident of Tula, and her assistant, the neural network Bullfinch. They tells to the guests about the inventions of Tula craftsmen, the ideas of young innovators and their projects.