April, 5 — July, 5, 2024

The Machine Tool Museum in partnership with the GROUND Solyanka gallery-workshop presents works by artists, composers and sound artists on the theme of landscape. The exhibition is intended to show how diverse an artistic view can be within the same genre.

Curator of the exhibition: Katya Bochavar.

The author of the exhibition came up with an unusual decision to voice the works of contemporary visual artists. She invited composers and sound artists. The result was a burime project, works created in various genres: painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, video art were “passed on” from artists to musicians who created sound compositions based on their impressions. Thanks to this collaboration unique combinations of visual and sound landscapes were born.

The landscape genre differs from the other ones, because a viewer often wants to become a part of the image, to enter it. And music certainly promotes such engagement. We seem to be standing on a mountain or at the edge of a forest, at the window of a house or on the seashore, peering and listening together with the authors. We move through landscapes and they, in turn, move through us, making a viewer part of the visual and musical series, involving them in the sound arrangement of places. The «ProLandscape» project is a journey to places created by artists and musicians together. A journey that calls on a viewer/listener to complete the started “game” with their own impressions.

Participants in installations created in pairs “Artist — Composer”:

  • Olga Bozhko — Georgiy Avaliani
  • Veronica Georgieva — Alina Mukhametrakhimova
  • Natalya Grositskaya — Maria Anikeeva
  • Sergey Katran — Oleg Makarov
  • Natalia Pronchenko — Maria Anikeeva
  • Alexey Tregubov — Oleg Gudachev

The exhibition presents the soundscape of sound artists Vlad Skripko and Nika Svetlova.

Exhibition period: April 5 — July 5, 2024.

Hall of temporary exhibitions of the Machine Tool Museum, 2nd floor.

The cost of a single ticket for temporary exhibitions: 300 rubles.